Altizer & Co.

Howard Altizer began his furniture related career with Bassett Furniture Industries in 1965 and rose to the position of Vice President, where he was responsible for the design of Bassett showrooms all across America.  In 1980 he retired from Bassett to form a decorative fabric sales partnership, geared toward the furniture manufacturing industry.  Among others, Onyx Age imported silks and cottons were an early part of this agency, and are still represented by Altizer & Co. today.

In 1989, Howard began converting a program of cotton checks and plaids, which was the beginning of the business known today as Altizer & Co. Decorative Textiles.  Over the next decade this business flourished as the finest decorative fabrics, and trims from across the globe were added to the collection. To help with the expansion and secure the future of the business, Howard was joined by current President, Todd Nifong, in the year 2000.  In 2001, the group determined that there was an untapped market in a more decorative, colorful, and less widely distributed fabrics geared toward the outdoor market, yet functional enough to be used comfortably indoors as well.  This was the beginning of the Al Fresco Functional Fabrics collection that is currently distributed along with the Altizer & Co. collection to the finest manufacturers, jobbers, and retail stores all over the world.

Altizer & Co. prides itself on offering the highest quality, most sophisticated, eclectic, and colorful fabrics to its customers.  In addition we have dedicated ourselves to upholding this tradition while extending expedient delivery, obliging customer service, and an exceptional value.